Saturday, July 29, 2006

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“Man’s preoccupation with his cock is probably as old as man himself”

What makes Tantric practice different to just an ordinary ‘jack-off’ session? The mere fact that, it occurs with so many facets in tune with the body at that time makes it a totally unique experience. There are many “blogg’s”-“groups” and a few web sites that deal with this, some in extreme technical detail and others graphically. I am not attempting to re-invent the wheel so to speak, but trying to bring what I have gained in knowledge and experience to you in a easy to understand and practical method.

We are going to attempt to move the sensations felt during a j/o session to a slightly higher plane of existence, one where the most enjoyable and intense feeling that you could ever experience on this plane of existence will occur. Without the use of any artificial substances nor any other form of medication or scheduled drugs. But we will achieve this by shear determination and a strong sense of wanting to succeed.

My writings here are based solely upon my own research in this subject, as well as my own observations and experiments made.
In my next post I will tell you why and how I got involved in this form of self pleasure.

Male Pleasures - The First Node

This blog is dedicated to males, mainly bi and gay guys but all are welcome share in the experiences of Male Pleasures. I started this blog mainly because I am

Fascinated by male pleasures. Particularly self pleasure, I am not going to fill this space with medical terminology and you are advised that the content is meant for adult persons over the age of 18. You agree that you are of legal age by continuing your visit here…

Jay arrived home from work, and was particularly tired, things where shit, his boss was a total asshole, and everything in his life at this point seemed to be going wrong. Normally an easy going dude he had become short tempered, irritable and at times down right rude. One of the reasons Kyle moved out two months ago.
His only source of relaxation was at night or early morning, when he would lay in bed and stroke his cock into life, a few hard strokes and it was all over…………..till next time.

It could have been so much more enjoyable to body and soul if he had known about :-


the term "tantra" or "tantric sex" is frequently -- for the sake of convenience -- applied in error to Western religious or spiritual practices in which slow, mindful sexual union (or masturbation) creates a path to the experience of spiritual ecstasy.

Some of these Western practices arose during the 19th century, apparently by spontaneous discovery, and have no specific relationship to tantra yoga at all -- although one American popularizer of Western sacred sex (Alice Bunker Stockham) is known to have travelled to India to study Hindu tantra yoga.
Each "discoverer" gave his or her system a unique name -- the Reverend John Humphrey Noyes preached the doctrine of "Male Continence"; A. E. Newton wrote of "The Better Way;" Alice Stockham pioneered "Karezza"; Paschal Beverly Randolph advocated "Eulis!...or the Anseiratic Mysteries"; Thomas Lake Harris practiced a form of breath-eroticism as well as non-corporeal sexual union with beings from other dimensions; George Washington Savory described "Hell Upon Earth Made Heaven" through the religio-mystical practice of "Passive Coition" and "Bosom Love;" Stockham's student John William Lloyd coined the term "Magnetation;" and Stockham herself published George N. Miller's novel, "Strike of a Sex," in which he described the fictional but karezza-like "Zugassent's Discovery." While these Western spiritual practices share certain common sexual techniques with traditional Hindu tantra yoga, most of them fit conveniently into Christian, Jewish, or Transcendentalist conceptual frameworks, obviating the need for the practioner to adopt a culturally "foreign" religion.

Okay, so the above definition is a total view in some part of what “they” think it is, but what is this mysterious form of “male pleasure” that has been in existence for centuries, where does it originate from? What was the original purpose? How can we apply these techniques to our modern day lifestyles and how can we benefit there from?
I am sure that on this particular topic many more questions can be raised, but for now let us look at those I mentioned. Hopefully we can learn from each other, by sharing experiences or experiments or how you came to the alter of the Tantric Phyllis.